NOAA adopts portfolio approach to Earth-observation mission
GAO takes weather satellite program off watch list
NOAA declares first JPSS weather satellite operational
NOAA budget proposal restores schedule for future JPSS satellites
NOAA’s future constellation: large and small satellites in variety of orbits
New ground network gives forecasters quicker access to satellite weather data
With JPSS-1 bound for orbit, forecast calls for a sigh of relief
Battery problem delays JPSS-1 launch
NOAA budget request prioritizes current satellite programs over future ones
NOAA cuts target future polar weather satellites
New satellites, new administration key topics of AMS meeting
JPSS-1 launch date slips again
NOAA sees smallsats as good gap fillers for weather system
Instrument, ground systems problems blamed for JPSS-1 launch delay
First JPSS satellite launch delayed two months
GAO remains concerned about potential polar satellite weather data gap
A larger share of NOAA’s declining space budget would go to polar satellites
Gulf Coast Lawmakers Push For Polar Follow-on Funding
NOAA Digs In on Polar Follow-on Plan Despite Cloudy Funding Outlook
Orbital ATK Retains JPSS Work as GAO Strikes Down Ball Protest

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