China developing new launch vehicle for human spaceflight, future moon missions
United Arab Emirates to establish human spaceflight program
Russia’s post-ISS plans a mystery at best
China’s long march to the moon
Industry committee to start work on human spaceflight safety standards
NASA Considers Uses for Cislunar Habitat
NASA Begins Effort To Find Landing Sites for Human Mars Missions 
Bolden: NASA “Doomed” if Next President Dumps Journey to Mars
Lockheed Martin Moves Ahead with Orion Assembly
Declassified: The NRO’s Abandoned Plans for a Manned Spy Satellite
China’s Space Station Planners Put out Welcome Mat 
NASA’s Humans-to-Mars Plans Win Publicity but Lack Details
Commercial Space Stations Face Economic and Regulatory Challenges
Letter | Safety Can’t Come First if We Want To Put Humans on Mars
Op-ed | Weighing NASA’s Evolutionary Mars Campaign
NASA’s Advisers Seek Agency Response To Exploration Report
Report Says Commercial Partnerships Can Slash Costs of Human Lunar Missions
Op-ed | Humans to Mars in 20 Years: A Faster, Better, Cheaper Sequel?
NASA Developing Plans for Human Missions to Cislunar Space in 2020s
Op-ed | The Summit, the Solution, the Possibility

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