Wireless communications startup repurposes technology from Google’s balloon internet project
Starlink teams up with Google for ground infrastructure
Google to shut down Loon
C-Band Alliance plan will spawn lawsuits, Google, Charter warn
Loon offers network controller for new constellations
How about a U.S. Space Guard? • DoD steps up AI push amid Google firestorm • DARPA lays groundwork for military LEO constellation
Google using O3b satellites to connect Project Loon over Puerto Rico
Apple hires two former Google executives involved with satellite projects
Planet confirms Google stake as Terra Bella deal closes
Google Lunar X Prize competitor picks student experiment to fly to the Moon
Planet to acquire Terra Bella from Google
Report: Google parent company looking to unload Terra Bella
Google’s Skybox Imaging has new name, business model
Chris Quilty Handicaps the Silicon Valley-fueled Space Race
Wall Street Grills Fleet Operators Over Mega-Constellation Threat
Google SpaceX Investment is $900 Million
SpaceX-Google Matchup Sets Up Satellite Internet Scramble
Signs of a Satellite Internet Gold Rush in Burst of ITU Filings
SpaceX Confirms Google Investment
CNES Partners with Google on Internet Balloon Project

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