Globalstar Contractor Accepts Stock in Lieu of Cash
Higher-speed Globalstar Service To Roll Out This Year in North America
Globalstar Shares Rise After Stock-shorter Cashes Out
Globalstar Stock-shorter’s Condemnations Provoke Feisty Rebuttal
Globalstar Strikes Back Against Short-Seller Attack
Stock Shorter Trashes Globalstar Spectrum Value

Spain’s MOD Approves Use Of Globalstar Handset


Spain’s Ministry of Defence approved the use of Globalstar’s GSP-1700 handheld satellite phone by its personnel and ordered an additional 300 of the company’s SPOTGen3 GPS tracking and safety devices.

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Globalstar’s Navarra Stepping Down after 20-plus Years on the Job


Globalstar said Anthony J. “Tony” Navarra would retire in October after more than 20 years with the company.

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Globalstar’s Duplex Voice Service Dials up Double-digit Revenue Growth

Hughes Takes Globalstar Shares in Lieu of Payment for Services


Globalstar said its ground-hardware provider, Hughes Network Systems, has agreed to purchase $4.3 million in Globalstar stock at a 7 percent discount to its recent trading value in lieu of cash payment for Hughes’ past services to Globalstar.

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Top 5 Companies To Watch | Globalstar
North American Business on the Mend, Globalstar Looks Abroad
Globalstar Reports Rebound in Telephone Service
Globalstar Says It Is Poised To Reverse Six-year Slide
Globalstar Reaches Deal with Bond Holders; Broader Debt-restructuring Deal in the Works
Creditors Add Another Week To Globalstar Forbearance

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