Apple bringing SOS via satellite services to Europe in December
Apple lays the groundwork for emergency SOS via satellite service
Iridium sheds more light on direct-to-smartphone plan
Apple to be largest user of Globalstar’s satellite network for iPhone messaging
SpaceX performs three launches within two days amid internal dissent
Globalstar agrees terms with “global customer” for terrestrial connectivity
Universal connectivity requires extensive collaboration
Globalstar selects MDA and Rocket Lab for new satellites
Ligado Networks passes 3GPP review for 5G plan
Globalstar refinancing ends liquidity crisis
Globalstar borrows $199M with EchoStar’s help • Measat buys Ariane 5 launch
Isotropic, Avanti test antenna • Atlas Space to link Aevum launches • Globalstar, Nokia partner on African connectivity
Telstra-NBN combo ruled out • Aireon launches free emergency service • Globalstar buys IP from supplier
Jay Monroe drops Globalstar CEO position to focus on spectrum
FIRST UP Satcom | Globalstar scraps FiberLight merger • Intelsat finds new Ariane 5 co-passenger
Op-ed | Networking the space-terrestrial frontier
KT Sat eyes North Korean business • Outdoor Wi-Fi interfering with Globalstar constellation • Viasat buys British defense company
Globalstar merging with FiberLight for $1.65 billion
Bullish Globalstar investor offers $150 million loan to offset operator’s financial troubles
Globalstar plays up spectrum strategy as debt deadline looms

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