Maxar files protest over Space Development Agency’s satellite procurement
GAO steps up criticism of Space Force’s missile-warning satellite procurement
GAO continues to criticize DoD’s management of narrowband satellite communications
GAO report details rejection of HLS protests
Report calls on government agencies to better coordinate spectrum
GAO’s annual review of DoD programs raises concerns on space launch, missile warning satellites
Congress asks GAO to investigate NASA cybersecurity
GAO report identifies technical and management risks with Artemis
Space Force warned to avoid past mistakes as it pursues new satellite acquisitions
Cost and schedule overruns continue to grow for NASA programs
Dynetics protests NASA HLS award
Blue Origin protests NASA Human Landing System award
GAO flags concerns about procurement of DoD’s early warning satellites
Senators ask GAO to review FCC oversight of satellite constellations
GAO warns of more JWST delays
GAO: DoD has no clear plan to acquire satellite-based wideband communications
In protest decision, GAO negates Blue Origin’s claim that Air Force launch procurement favors incumbents
Air Force claims accomplishments in Space C2 program in wake of critical report
GAO report critical of Air Force space command and control program
Contractors continue to win award fees despite SLS and Orion delays

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