Could Britain collaborate with Australia on a Galileo alternative?
UK military looking at smallsats to increase space resilience
Op-ed | In space, no one is powerful enough to boldly go alone
Ariane 5 launches four Galileo satellites in year-end Arianespace mission
U.K. space agency chief hopeful for ‘continued cooperation’ with Europe after Brexit
ESA signs up as Ariane 6 inaugural customer with two Galileo missions
OHB, Surrey Satellite win contract for eight more Galileo navigation satellites
U.K. could be locked out of some aspects of Galileo because of Brexit
Rash of Galileo clock failures cast doubt on timing of upcoming launches
OHB, still growing, focused on German, European government hardware programs
Roscosmos says Galileo, other European space programs could suffer from payment dispute
OHB reports flat H1 revenue but still forecasts record year-end performance
Britain’s quitting the EU, but will it be forced out of EU space programs?
Q&A | OHB CEO Fuchs says Arianespace needs to reassess shareholder roles
Euro Soyuz orbits two Galileo satellites; U.S. likely to gain access to Galileo’s secure signal

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