Military PNT 2021 (Virtual Conference)
U.K. to revise strategy for satellite navigation system
ESA sets stage for three-way competition to build next-generation Galileo constellation 
European Commission agrees to reduced space budget
EU reserves four Ariane 6 rockets for Galileo navigation satellites
GMV developing satellite-based positioning system for driverless BMWs
UK space company Scisys, fearing Brexit, praises decision to become Irish
EU could agree on new regulation for space program by May
UK ends Galileo talks, says it will explore a homegrown alternative
GMV wins 250 million euro ground control contract for Europe’s Galileo navigation system
British government to fund study on Galileo alternative
Ariane 5 rocket sends next 4 Galileo satellites into orbit
Could Britain collaborate with Australia on a Galileo alternative?
UK military looking at smallsats to increase space resilience
Op-ed | In space, no one is powerful enough to boldly go alone

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