Air Force certified Falcon Heavy for national security launch but more work needed to meet required orbits
SpaceX loses Falcon Heavy customer Ovzon to Arianespace
Air Force experimental satellite billed as the ‘largest unmanned structure in space’
Falcon Heavy launches STP-2 mission
SpaceX to demonstrate Falcon Heavy capabilities in “difficult” test flight
Long-delayed NASA technology demonstration payloads finally set for launch
Falcon Heavy center core toppled after landing
Falcon Heavy sends first commercial satellite into orbit
Arabsat CEO: Falcon Heavy gives our satellite extra life
Falcon Heavy’s first commercial launch to pave the way for reusable rockets in national security missions
Pegasus woes continue to delay NASA mission
NASA looking to launch delayed space science missions in early 2019
Falcon Heavy customer Ovzon orders GEO satellite from SSL
Viasat books Falcon Heavy for ViaSat-3 launch
Swedish firm buys Falcon Heavy launch
Europa or Enceladus? If NASA switches from SLS to Falcon Heavy, it won’t have to choose

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