NASA looking to launch delayed space science missions in early 2019
Falcon Heavy customer Ovzon orders GEO satellite from SSL
Viasat books Falcon Heavy for ViaSat-3 launch
Swedish firm buys Falcon Heavy launch
Europa or Enceladus? If NASA switches from SLS to Falcon Heavy, it won’t have to choose
SpaceX wins $130 million military launch contract for Falcon Heavy
SpaceX proposing expansion of Florida launch processing facilities
Arabsat Falcon Heavy mission slated for December-January timeframe
Op-ed | Moon Direct:  How to build a moonbase in four years
Efforts underway to ease Florida’s Space Coast launch congestion
On National Security | Lessons from SpaceX about the power of incentives
As space launch business heats up in Florida, Air Force commander Wayne Monteith tries to break records
Foust Forward | SpaceX, Rocket Lab seize the spotlight but miss an opportunity
SN Military.Space | DoD space budget: Billions for next-gen satellites, launch vehicles; New funding lines for ‘rapid acquisitions’
Mattis incensed there’s still no budget – DepSecDef at Space Command – Military pulling for Falcon Heavy

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