ESA resumes ExoMars parachute tests
UAE Mars mission to ship to launch site
ESA restores operations of space science missions
ExoMars rover mission delayed to late 2022
ExoMars parachute tests delayed, mission faces review
ESA seeks new cooperative agreement with EU
ESA remains confident it will fix ExoMars parachutes
ESA turns to NASA to assist in crucial ExoMars parachute tests
ESA confirms second ExoMars parachute test failure
European Mars lander suffers parachute damage in test
ESA investigation finds Schiaparelli spacecraft was “ill-prepared” to make Mars landing
ESA selects a second potential landing site for ExoMars 2020 rover
ESA: Mars lander crash caused by 1-second inertial measurement error
OHB, still growing, focused on German, European government hardware programs
ESA to ask its governments in December for $12 billion

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