OHB, still growing, focused on German, European government hardware programs
ESA to ask its governments in December for $12 billion
Roscosmos says Galileo, other European space programs could suffer from payment dispute
Impact site of European Mars lander seen in orbiter images
Europe’s ExoMars enters Mars orbit, but lander feared lost
ESA enlists NASA chief in campaign for space station support
Despite delays, ESA backs Mars mission plans
ESA chief says funding for delayed ExoMars rover mission remains uncertain
ESA’s de Groot on decision to delay 2018 ExoMars mission to 2020
Proton launches Euro-Russian ExoMars mission, but program’s second launch remains in limbo
Proton carrying European-Russian ExoMars mission lifts off
ExoMars Work at Frenzied Pace To Make 2016 Launch Date
Faulty Component that Delayed ExoMars Affects Other ESA Programs
65th International Astronautical Congress | ExoMars Funding Commitment Needed in December, Thales Alenia Says
Airbus Completes ExoMars Heat Shields as Clock Ticks Toward 2016 Launch
Entry Fees for New ESA Members Go to ExoMars

Editorial | Putting ExoMars on Solid Financial Ground


Congratulations are due to ESA and Thales Alenia Space for finally getting the ExoMars mission under full-fledged contract.

Commercial Exomars
At Paris Air Show, ESA Signs Final Contract for 2016 ExoMars Mission
Europe Ready To Sign Final Contract for ‘Drip-fed’ ExoMars Mission
ESA, Roscosmos Formalize ExoMars Pact

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