NASA defends decision to shut down SOFIA
NASA and DLR to end SOFIA operations
SpaceX launches fourth dedicated rideshare mission
DLR opens applications for free launch services aboard Isar Aerospace demo missions
Space agencies support ISS extension as NASA warns of space race with China
Isar Aerospace wins three-way DLR microlauncher competition
German startup Isar Aerospace signs first launch contract
Germany joins JAXA’s low-cost deep space test mission
ESA awards €1.5 million to three German launch startups
HyImpulse hybrid rocket motor roars to life for the first time
DLR spinoff HyImpulse plans small launcher debut in 2022
German launch startups win DLR funds • Comtech wants out of Gilat merger • ClearSpace forming debris removal team
ESA selects prime contractors for six new Copernicus missions
Advanced technology, investment clearing way for spaceliners
Space agency leaders discuss ever-expanding roles for AI
DLR, Teledyne begin hyperspectral imaging from ISS
Satellites for Intelsat, European lasercomm launch on Arianespace rocket
Troubleshooting of Mars InSight instrument continues
Germany begins reusability study to capture rockets in midair and land them with a plane
GRACE mission comes to an end

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