Kevin O'Connell
The viability of commercial space stations such as the proposed Axiom Station depend on the availability of commercial crew transportation and the retirement of the International Space Station. Credit: Axiom Space illustration
If outer space is the "final frontier," the private commercialization of low Earth orbit — about 100-1,200 miles up — could become the new Wild West if we're not careful. Credit: Charles Marion Russell
A3R and Centennial-1 (the shorter cubesat) deploy from the NanoRacks dispenser aboard ISS. Credit: NASA
Cruz STA January 2019
Ross U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Canada-based MDA had to resubmit paperwork to CFIUS during its acquisition of DigitalGlobe of Colorado last year for reasons that weren’t entirely clear. CFIUS approved the merger, enabling the creation of the combined company Maxar Technologies, following a 30-day extension of its review process. DigitalGlobe’s WorldView 4 satellite, which launched in 2016, is shown above being prepared for shipping. Credit: Lockheed Martin
World View stratollite
Bridenstine NAC
SpaceX Falcon 9 SES-12
Blue Moon
Sunrise On Planet Earth - Europe View

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