Foust Forward | Commercial space reform still a work in progress
Lagging progress on commercial space policy
Op-ed | Commercializing Space: Before a commercial LEO market can flourish, the ISS must be retired
Op-ed | Protecting low Earth orbit from becoming the new Wild West
Space industry executives optimistic about 2019 despite shutdown and layoffs
Cruz plans to try again with commercial space legislation
Commerce Department seeks to encourage more space industry investment
Commercial space bill dies in the House
Senate passes commercial space bill
Advisory committee seeks to enhance commercial space activities
Op-ed | The revolution that is commercial space is just beginning
Op-ed | Commercial space startups should be wary of some foreign investment
Airspace usage a priority for new commercial industry group chairman
New NASA advisory committee to explore enhanced commercial activities
Foust Forward | As the launch industry grows, it finds it needs to share
NASA funds commercial technology development and market studies

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