Op-ed | The revolution that is commercial space is just beginning
Op-ed | Commercial space startups should be wary of some foreign investment
Airspace usage a priority for new commercial industry group chairman
New NASA advisory committee to explore enhanced commercial activities
Foust Forward | As the launch industry grows, it finds it needs to share
NASA funds commercial technology development and market studies
Op-ed | SmallSat Alliance is on a path toward a new space horizon
Senate introduces bill to streamline commercial space regulations
Satellite industry wants higher profile on Capitol Hill
Op-ed | We’ll need more than Trump’s Space Policy Directive to fix commercial remote-sensing regulations
A trillion-dollar space industry will require new markets
House passes two space bills
Op-ed | The next space age
Poll shows more public support for NASA science programs than human exploration
Commerce Department to create “SPACE Administration”
New policy directive implements commercial space regulatory reforms

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