Kennedy out as head of the Space Development Agency
NASA selects Maxar to build first Gateway element
Former Ambassador Barbara Barrett tapped to replace Heather Wilson as Air Force secretary
Pence calls for human return to the moon by 2024
NASA budget proposal targets SLS
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to step down
Crew Dragon departs ISS and returns to Earth
Maxar to retain but restructure GEO satellite business
OneWeb’s first six satellites in orbit following Soyuz launch
DARPA’s Fred Kennedy tapped to lead Space Development Agency
Air Force awards $739 million in launch contracts to ULA and SpaceX
SSL cancels DARPA satellite servicer agreement
New Shepard carries research payloads on latest suborbital test flight
House spending bill fires warning shot at JWST
SpaceX laying off 10 percent of its workforce
Chang’e-4 returns first images from lunar farside following historic landing   
Virgin Galactic achieves space on SpaceShipTwo test flight
China launches Chang’e-4 spacecraft for pioneering lunar far side landing mission
InSight successfully lands on Mars
FCC approves SpaceX, Telesat, LeoSat and Kepler internet constellations

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