Kayhan, Astroscale, UT Austin win Space Force study contract for in-orbit servicing technology
UK shortlists Astroscale and ClearSpace for multi-debris removal mission
FCC considers new rules for emerging space capabilities
Astroscale gets funds for 2024 debris-removal mission
Industry looks to decentralized approaches to space sustainability
Astroscale debris-removal demo makes close approach despite thruster issues
Astroscale to restart debris-removal demo with half the thrusters
Astroscale preparing to restart debris-removal demo
Astroscale pauses debris-removal demo following anomaly
Orbit Fab secures deal to refuel Astroscale’s satellite-servicing robots
Third consortium gets UK funds to study potential deorbit mission
Astroscale raises $109 million Series F round
Space companies forge alliance to reduce in-orbit debris by 2030
Astroscale and New Zealand to partner on space sustainability projects
UK funds studies to remove two spacecraft from LEO
Satellite servicing companies see different demand in LEO versus GEO
After technical demonstrations, satellite servicing grapples other issues
Rocket Lab to launch Astroscale inspection satellite
Astroscale complete first test of satellite capture technology
Ground station collaboration paving way for pioneering space missions

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