Japan, Germany declare moratorium on anti-satellite missile tests
U.S. to introduce U.N. resolution on ASAT testing ban
U.S. looking to encourage more countries to join ASAT testing ban
Report: Industry has to face reality that commercial satellites will be targets in war
Starlink satellites encounter Russian ASAT debris squalls
New Zealand joins ASAT testing ban
Parallel Paths for Space Sustainability
Op-ed | Protecting Space Assets Above to Assert Geopolitical Dominance Below
Op-ed | U.S. Antisatellite Test Ban Reveals a New Approach for Security and Sustainability in Space
Canada joins U.S. in ASAT testing ban
Kelly plays down Russian ASAT threat
U.S. ASAT ban meant to support U.N. discussions on space threats
South Korea “welcomes” U.S. moratorium on anti-satellite missile tests; China skeptical
DoD a main proponent of anti-satellite test ban: ‘We are not disarming’
U.S. declares ban on anti-satellite missile tests, calls for other nations to join
U.S. intelligence report: Multinational efforts needed to prevent wars in space
Op-ed | Russian Invasion of Ukraine Reinforces the Urgency of Fixing U.S. Satellite Vulnerability by 2027
U.S. and allies to strengthen cooperation in space
Russian ASAT debris creating “squalls” of close approaches with satellites
Space Force official: U.S. has a broad range of options to respond to space aggression

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