Air Force: SSA is no more; it’s ’Space Domain Awareness’
Air Force to require cybersecurity audits of commercial satellite communications providers
Air Force looking for ideas on how to turn launch ranges into ‘national spaceports’
GAO report critical of Air Force space command and control program
Military turns to private sector for rapid space innovation
Air Force space commander warns the military needs better intelligence
‘Agile software’ to replace troubled JMS
LinQuest wins contract to support establishment of U.S. Space Command
Raymond endorses Trump’s Space Force proposal
U.S. military was immediately aware of India’s anti-satellite missile test
Trump nominates Raymond to be commander of U.S. Space Command
Space Force proposal shifts satellite communications procurement to Air Force Secretary
Air Force Space Command confident private companies can support military launch needs
President Trump issues order to create U.S. Space Command
Pentagon to start drilling into the details of  establishing a U.S. Space Command
Air Force Space Commander: ‘Our constellations are like slow kids in gym class that can’t run very fast’
Mattis: Reorganization of military space forces already in motion
First order of business for Air Force space innovation office: Decide what it wants to build
Army weighs commercial options for battlefield comms • Space Command D.C. boss introduced • DoD eyes space-based missile defense
WATCH NOW | Air Force Space Command’s man in Washington makes debut

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