Air Force Space Commander: ‘Our constellations are like slow kids in gym class that can’t run very fast’
Mattis: Reorganization of military space forces already in motion
First order of business for Air Force space innovation office: Decide what it wants to build
Army weighs commercial options for battlefield comms • Space Command D.C. boss introduced • DoD eyes space-based missile defense
WATCH NOW | Air Force Space Command’s man in Washington makes debut
Space industry executives meet “East Coast Thompson”
Space Corps still an open question. A more likely prospect: U.S. Space Command
SN Military.Space | Space Command No. 2 takes office • NRO leading the way in innovation • Satellite as weapons in infowars
Goldfein: Air staff ‘excited’ about new three-star space commander
SN Military.Space | Lockheed going after future SBIRS; USAF to bring warrior mentality to space; DARPA’s plan to kill Battlestar Galactica
Air Force tries to create a warrior culture in space
Op-Ed | Matching our launch infrastructure to affordable and resilient space systems
Space Corps proposal becoming flashpoint in DoD budget negotiations
Slow acquisition can’t be a national security threat, senior space general says
U.S. Air Force seeks $1.3 billion increase for space programs

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