The LOSTESC Programme, aimed at identifying space and aeronautical technological innovations that could be adapted to wider markets, has attracted unprecedented interest in European industry.

The Programme’s objective is to detect space or aeronautical technologies within innovative Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), which can be adapted for other sectors of the economy. This process is led by the LOSTESC Consortium of six consulting companies, one in each of the initial target countries of Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
LOSTESC (Leveraging on Space Technologies to enhance SME Competitiveness) is co-funded by ESA (under its SME Initiative and Technology Transfer Programme) and the European Union (EU).

Between December and March open awareness meetings took place in five countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Austria, to inform national industry of the LOSTESC opportunity. In Belgium meetings were arranged directly with potential companies. At all the meetings considerable interest was shown in the Programme and the many constructive discussions which took place have helped interested companies to participate in the Programme.

By the end of March, the LOSTESC Consortium had identified some 45 potential projects. At the Proposal Construction meeting in Nice ending 30 March a preliminary list of 23 very promising projects were selected, with a reserve list of a further 18 projects. Some of the six countries had already finalised their selection, but in view of the significant number of proposals received recently, the Consortium decided to take an additional month to finalise the selection.

The selection follows a technology identification and assessment process performed by the LOSTESC Consortium. This consists of assessing and evaluating whether the SME possesses the necessary capability to lead or participate in the proposed research and technology development project. Based upon this assessment the Consortium will decide whether the proposed project should proceed.

The deadline for submitting proposals to the LOSTESC Consortium was 28 March 2001. The proposals selected in Nice will now further be elaborated and consolidated with the help of the LOSTESC Consortium and then be submitted to EU for funding under the CRAFT Programme by 19 September 2001.

The success of the LOSTESC Project has led to requests to participate from other European countries as well. The LOSTESC Consortium will also evaluate the projects already received before 28 March 2001 from these countries.

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