SpaceRyde announces multiple launches with ISILaunch


SAN FRANCISCO — Canadian launch startup SpaceRyde revealed plans Nov. 15 to launch four private commercial flights for ISILaunch, a subsidiary of Innovative Solutions In Space B.V. of the Netherlands.

Customers will pay $250,000 to launch 25-kilogram payloads on SpaceRyde’s Ryder rocket and Flying Spider balloon. The flights are scheduled to begin in 2024.

For the SpaceRyde flights, ISILaunch will offer customization including scheduling weeks prior to launch, access to custom orbits and various fairing configurations.

“SpaceRyde is excited to join ISILaunch’s portfolio of heritage launch partners,” Negar Feher, SpaceRyde chief revenue officer, said in a statement. “A gap exists for fast and reliable access to custom orbits in space at a competitive price. These four launches are only the beginning.”

SpaceRyde, founded in 2018, is developing the Rocket Network, space transportation infrastructure to ferry cargo continuously between Earth, the moon and destinations in-between.

Stratospheric balloons will serve as the first stage, lifting Ryder rockets through Earth’s atmosphere before rocket engines fire. Ryder’s upper stage, called Black Bay, is designed to remain in orbit, maneuvering and refueling as needed to provide in-orbit servicing and in-space transportation.

Test flights of SpaceRyde’s Ryder rocket and Flying Spider balloon are slated for 2023. Commercial fights are set to begin in 2024 as is SpaceRyde’s first moon mission.

SpaceRyde will not be operating at a loss when it sells $250,000 rides to low-Earth orbit, Feher said.

“SpaceRyde’s upper stages are reusable as in-space vehicles, therefore there is a recurring revenue tail on every launch as we build our Rocket Network,” Feher told SpaceNews by email.

In addition to cubesats, SpaceRyde flights can accommodate 100-kilogram to 150-kilogram satellites.

“Our maximum launch cost is $1 million,” Feher said. “Our company philosophy is transparent pricing. We truly believe transparency to be an enabler for the space economy.”

Vertical integration is helping SpaceRyde reduce launch costs. Spacecraft and launch systems are being built in-house and the company will manage everything from payload integration to launch, according to the Nov. 15 news release.

“We’re excited to add SpaceRyde to our roster of launch providers,” Abe Bonnema, ISISpace and ISILaunch co-founder, said in a statement. “Our mission is to provide the best launch experience to each of our customers. With SpaceRyde’s reusable technology, we will be able to cater to even more customer missions in various inclinations and altitudes.”