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Mike Rast

On 1 June the European Space Agency (ESA) releases a second opportunity for scientists from the Earth Observation community to make proposals for Earth Explorer Opportunity Missions to conduct research in the field of Earth Observation and/or to demonstrate the potential of new innovative observational techniques of relevance to both the scientific and the application communities.

The major milestones are as follows:

  • Release of the Call: Friday 1, June 2001
  • Deadline for receipt of Outline Proposals: Monday, 1 October 2001
  • Advice on results of screening of Outline Proposals: Monday, 15 October 2001 Deadline for the receipt of Full Proposals: Monday, 8 January 2002 Announcement of results of the Call: Friday, 31 March 2002

As before, to be eligible to submit a Full Proposal, proposers must have sent in an Outline Proposal.

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Further information on this Call, including an electronic copy of its full text and guidelines on how to submit a proposal, is at

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