August 28, 2001, Korolev, Moscow Area

S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia – prime organization
on development of the Russian Segment (RS) of the International Space
Station (ISS) – held the General Designer’s Review Board meeting on
the ISS RS. The meeting was chaired by Yu. P. Semenov, Chairman of the
Chief Designer’s Review Board, Technical Manager of Russian Manned Programs,
General Designer, Academician of RAS.

The ISS work progress was reviewed, the technical status reports for
the Space Station elements, proposals for the flight program for 2001-2002
were heard at the meeting.

The readiness status of the next Russian module of the Space Station,
i.e. Docking Compartment Pirs, and specialized logistics vehicle Progress
M-CO1 to deliver the Docking Compartment to the Space Station, as well
as manned spacecraft Soyuz TM-33 and logistics vehicle Progress M1-7
for the implementation of the ISS Program in 2001 was reported. Consideration
was given to the crew and personnel training, and facilities preparation
progress to resolve tasks of Progress M-CO1 docking, and Station flight
control in the course of implementing the Expedition Three (ISS-3) work

The reports of the General and Chief Designers, and the system developers
and manufacturers managers, as well as Deputies General Designer of
S.P. Korolev RSC Energia were heard at the meeting.

Astronaut Robert Cabana, NASA ranking representative in Moscow, gave
the U.S. On-Orbit Segment status report.

Taking into consideration technical status of the ISS, readiness status
of Docking Compartment Pirs, specialized vehicle Progress M-CO1, processing
progress of Soyuz TM-33 and Progress M1-7 vehicles and their launch
vehicles, readiness status of the Russian and U.S. ground facilities
and their personnel, as well as ISS crew readiness for the realization
of the ISS flight program, the General Designer’s Review Board made
a decision to approve:

  • Implementation of further activities per the ISS program scheduled
    for 2001 – 2002

  • Processing and launch of Progress M-CO1 vehicle to the station
    with Docking Compartment Pirs on September 15, 2001, support of launch
    activities for Soyuz TM-33 manned vehicle to be launched on October
    21, 2001 to carry visiting crew (VC-2) for scheduled changeover of
    Soyuz TM-32 vehicle, as well as launch activities for Progress M1-7
    logistics vehicle to be launched on Soyuz-FG launch vehicle in mid
    November 2001

  • Space research and experiment program to be performed in the ISS-3
    and VC-2 phase

  • S.P. Korolev RSC Energia proposals to refine the Space Station
    Russian Segment configuration including the incorporation of the Corporation-produced
    Enterprise Multi-Purpose Module and simplified science power platform
    (SPP) in place of full-size SPP previously incorporated into the Russian
    Segment, as well as incorporation of the Universal Docking Module
    analog being jointly developed by RSC Energia and M.V. Khrunichev
    SSSPC in place of the previously project-foreseen Universal Docking
    Module based on the backup model of the Functional Cargo Block (FGB-2),
    brining attention to the need of high-priority resolution of the prime
    concern about the impending work funding.

The Board trusted Yu.P. Semenov, Chairman of the Chief Designer’s Review
Board, Technical Manager of the Russian Manned Programs, General Designer
to submit their proposals on the option of subsequent ISS efforts and
refinement of the Russian Segment configuration to Rosaviakosmos and
NASA, as well as appeal to the President of Russia, Government of RF
and Rosaviakosmos to determine the funding sources for the International
Station efforts, implement radical actions for complete liquidation
of debts in the Russian manned programs, and make a decision about future
fulfillment of International commitments of Russia under the ISS Program
as a whole.

The General Designer’s Review Board meeting was attended by representatives
of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency, NASA and ESA.