The regular Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Public Corporation Rocket
and Space Corporation Energia after S.P. Korolev has been held.

The Register of the Shareholders entitled to take part in the decision-making
on the Meeting Agenda issues was made out based upon the Corporation
Shareholders’ Register as of February 7, 2001 (8 hours 30 minutes).

The Meeting agenda incorporated the issues subject to an annual consideration
under the Federal Law on the Joint Stock Companies.

The Shareholders’ Meeting date, its agenda and terms of the attendants
involvement in its activities were announced in advance routinely by
radio and in both local and central press.

The shareholders no employed in the Corporation could familiarize themselves
with the draft documents and other information associated with the agenda
at specially assigned offices, while the shareholders employed could
do it at work.

Provision was made for a voting in the absence of some shareholders,
for which purpose about 7000 shareholders, not employed at the Corporation,
had been sent out the sets of registered voting slips by registered

Altogether 677 shareholders took part in absentee voting.

The meeting has resolved to approve the Final Report on the Corporation
performance throughout 2000; distribution of profits and losses; with
a profit margin of 379,312 mln roubles; the size of the dividends for
2000 equal to 25 roubles per ordinary share.

Also some alterations and additions have been introduced into the Articles
of Incorporation.

A new membership of the Board of Directors has been elected: Alexey
Grigoryevich Gonchar, Nikolai Anatolyevich Gusev, Nikolai Ivanovich
Zelenschikov, Alexandra Fyodorovna Kozeeva, Yuri Nikolayevich Koptev,
Arkadiy Leonidovich Martynovsky, Alexander Fyodorovich Morozenko, Dmitriy
Yuryevich Nikologorsky, Yuri Pavlovich Semenov, Vladimir Georgievich
Sidorivich, Alexander Fyodorovich Strekalov.