The first year of the third millenium is drawing to an end, while the
collective of our enterprise takes pride in the services and achievements
recognized by the Russian Federation Government and public organizations.

By the Decree of the Russian Federation Government ¹
dated December 7, 2001, the joint stock company Experimental
Machine Building Plant of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia after
S.P. Korolev was awarded the government prize of the year 2001 for quality.

By the December 17, 2001 Resolution of the Russian Public Commission
¹ 7 on giving awards after Peter the Great in the field of economic
management, social security management of enterprises, industries, regions
and state sponsored by the Public Fund’ the Best Managers of the New
Epoch’, the Corporation was awarded the plaque of Peter the Great for
outstanding services and achievements contributing to prosperity of

We express our gratitude to all employees of the Corporation and the
teams of the participating enterprises involved in our activities for
their contribution to the development and operational use of a new technology,
ensuring its high standards in quality. We believe that quality of our
articles and products will not only be maintained up to the mark in
the future, but will improve steadily as well.
It is a great pleasure to congratulate You, dear friends, colleagues
and visitors to our Web-site, on the occasion of the coming New Year
of 2002 and wish you all good health, happiness and new successes in
the development and use of high technologies in the interests of further
progress in Russia and all mankind in the 21st century!