Metrics, Rates & Specs

Advertising Rates, Spec & CPM

NameAvg CTRSizeCPM
Right Rail, lower0.27%300×600$45
Right Rail0.35%300×600$75
Super Header1.9%1100×600$100
Max Header2000×500$125
SpecificationsImage type
Max file size: 350kb, Max length: 15 seconds, Max loops: 3 times
NameScheduleAudience SizeAvg Open RateCostSizes
First UpMonday-Friday15,24937.10%$3,800 week728×180, 728×400
Military.SpaceTuesday10,35743.70%$2,500/send728×180, 728×400
SNTWFriday17.80336.10%$2,500/send728×180, 728×400
Native Ad UnitAny newsletter$1500/send728×400, transparent logo, & 100 words
Direct SendThursday26,32731%$8,000/sendCustom Content
File TypeSpecifications
JPEG, GIF, PNGMax file size: 200kb, Max length: 15 seconds, Max loops: 3 times
Native Ad Specs
Transparent logo, image sized 728×400(JPEG, GIF, PNG), & 100 words of copy
Delivery documentWord, 1000-3000 words of copy, headline, callout quotes & formatting instructions
Header Image1200px x 662px minimum
Visual assets2-3 visuals; headshots, photos, charts, videos, logos & URLS
Full-width (879px width) or half-page (500px width)
Exclusive Ad bannersSized any and all: 970×250, 728×90, 300×50, 300×600, 300×250
Promotional Package50,000 SN ad impressions online, 1 social post each to X, LI, FB, and 1 SN newsletter post directing to article
Cost$6k-$12k for 3 or 7 day campaigns
PlacementContent remains on the HP for the campaign duration then remains available in the archives indefinitely
No Editorial InvolvementAll sponsored content is exclusive of SN editorial involvement and will be noted as advertiser content
Newsletters (daily and wrap up)$3k-$8k
Online Conference Sponsorship
SN Virtual Event$10-$20k
Newsletters (daily and wrap-up)$3k-$30k
Virtual EventOne minute live or video intro
Ad banners: JPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Ad sizes: 728×90, 970×250, 300×600, 300×250, transparent logo
Max file size: 300k, Max length: 15 seconds, Max loops: 3 times
100 words of copy
Transparent company logo
Ad banners: JPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Ad sizes: 728×90, 970×250, 300×600, 300×250, transparent logo
Max file size: 300k, Max length: 15 seconds, Max loops: 3 times

SpaceNews has online, newsletter, sponsored content, and social options targeting trade shows and space industry events.

Sponsored social posts will be sent from SpaceNews’s X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Social$1500 to each platformPlease send copy, hashtags, mentions, and urls as well as graphics sized for the each platform

Print PageRequired SizeText Safe AreaRate
Half-page8.5″x5.5″7.0″ X 4.8333″$5000
Full-page8.5″x11″7.875″ X 10.375″$8000
Front cover banner7.5″ x 1.6″ & 3.8″ x 1.6$3500
2-page center spread16.75″x11″16.125″ X 10.375″$15000
4-page coverwrap with 5th back pageContact for detailsN/A$25,000
SpaceNews is printed web offset, saddle stitched and trimmed. Final publication size is 8.25” x 10.75”. Please submit 8.5″ x 11″ artwork. All advertising art must be corrected for a 20% dot gain and the use of SWOP standards. Images must be CMYK. No spot color or PMS. EPS or PDF format. SpaceNews is published on Mondays. Space deadline is 10 days prior to the issue date and creative deadline is NOON WEDNESDAY 5 days prior to the issue date. Need additional time, ask about possible extensions. Cancellation for coverwraps, spreads, and cover placements is NOON MONDAY, three weeks prior to ad closing date. Cancellations after creative closing date will result in full payment.

Produced each weekday, SN First Up Audio will be prominently featured on the homepage. The homepage sees an average of 13,000 daily page-views. Additionally, First Up Audio will be promoted on social channels daily, which have over 199k social followers, and the audio is archived on the site.

First Up Audio$1500/wk (5 days)
Assets Required
– 40-word or less ad read Word document
– Transparent logo

Advertising Planning

MonthIssue DateEditorial ThemeSN EventIndustry EventBonus DistributionCreative Deadline
JAN1/15/24WRC-23 Wrap-Up, EO story from AGUWRC wrap-up webinarAMS (Jan. 28- Feb. 1, Baltimore, Md.), SpaceCom and Space Congress (Jan. 30-Feb. 1, Orlando, Fla.)1/10/24
FEB2/12/24Smallsat manufacturing trendsSmallsat manufacturing trends webinarSmallSat Symposium (Feb. 6-8, Mountian View, Ca.)Jan issue to SmallSat Symposium2/7/24
MAR3/4/24High Altitude Platforms (HAPS), Weather SatellitesSatellite 2024 (Mar. 18-21, Washington, D.C.), Goddard Memorial Symposium (Mar. 20-22, College Park, Md.)Mar issue to Satellite 20242/28/24
APR4/1/24TBDSpace Symposium (Apr. 8-11, Colorado Springs, Co.)Mar issue to Space Symposium Registrant bags3/27/24
MAY5/6/24Remote sensingGEOINT (May 5-8, Kissimmee, Fla.)Apr issue to GEOINT5/1/24
JUN6/3/24TBDAsia Satellite Business Week (Jun. 7-8, Singapore)5/29/24
JUL7/1/24Commercial space stationsFarnborough Air Show (July 22-26, Farnborough, U.K.), ISS R&D (Jul. 29-Aug 1, Boston, Ma.), AIAA ASCEND (Jul. 30-Aug. 1, Las Vegas, Nev.)6/26/24
AUG7/29/24Small satellitesUSU SmallSat (Aug. 3-8, Logan, Ut.), Space and Missile Defense Symposium (TBD, Huntsville, Ala.)July issue to USU SmallSat7/24/24
SEP9/2/24Satellite financeWorld Satellite Business Week (Sept. 16-20, Paris), AFA Air Space Cyber (Sept. TBC, National Harbor, Md.), AMOS Conference (Sept. 17-20, Maui, Hi.)Sep issue to WSBW8/28/24
OCT10/7/24International space explorationIAC (Oct. 14-18, Milan), Satellite Innovation (Oct. 21-22, Mountian View, Ca.) AUSA Annual Meeting (Oct. 14-16, Washington, D.C.), Werner Von Braun Symposium (Oct. 28-30, Huntsville, Ala.)Oct issue to IAC and Satellite Innovation10/2/24
NOV11/4/24TBDSpace Tech Expo (Nov. TBD, Bremen)Nov issue to Space Tech Expo10/30/24
DEC12/9/24SpaceNews Icon Award WinnersSpaceNews Icon Awards (Dec. TBD, Washington, D.C.), SpacePower Conference (Dec. TBD), American Geophysical Union (Dec. TBD, Washington, D.C.)Dec issue to SpaceNews Icon Awards12/4/24
ConferenceHP Online BannersOnline Conference SponsorshipDaily NewsletterNewsletter Wrap UpDigital MagazinePrint MagazineSponsored ContentSocialSN Event Sponsorship
American Meteorological Society Annual MeetingXXXX
SpaceCom Space CongressXXXXX
SmallSat SymposiumXXXXXXX
Satellite 2024XXXXXX
Space SymposiumXXXXXXXX
Asia Satellite Business WeekXXXX
Farnborough Air ShowXXX
SMD SymposiumXX
AFA Air Space CyberXXXXXXX
Space Tech ExpoXXXXXXX
SN Icon AwardsXXXXXX
Space Power ConferenceXX
American Geophysical Union Fall MeetingXXX
*Subject to change, check back often or inquire for current information.

How to plan a campaign buy

What is CPM?Consider the campaign goals and KPIs, evaluate average CTR rates by ad size, determine the appropriate number of impressions needed to reach goals during the campaign timeframe.
How to calculate the cost of a campaign?Consider the campaign goals and KPIs, evaluate average CTR rates by ad size, and determine the appropriate number of impressions needed to reach goals during the campaign timeframe.
How to determine the correct number of impressions?To determine the campaign cost multiply the number of ad impressions by the CPM rate, then divide by 1000 (150,000 ad impressions x $60 CPM rate/1000 = $9000
How are ads served? Will my ad stay parked on a certain page?Ads are served across all pages on the website and are served evenly throughout the campaign duration.
What is the correct amount of impressions?Consider the preferred share of voice for your desired campaign. SpaceNews sees 13,000 homepage pageviews daily and around 65,000 pageviews across the full site. Average campaigns run 50,000 impressions/3 weeks
Can I target ads?Yes, ads can be shown to specific geo locations or be served alongside news topics such as NASA, commercial space or smallsats for example.

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