Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC-M) has hosted a press conference
of the first visiting crew, which arrived on-board ISS on April 30,
2001 in Soyuz TM-32 transportation vehicle.

Questions from journalists representing Russian and foreign news agencies,
radio and TV companies (INTERFAX, RTR, NTV, ORT,TV-6, RenTV, Radio Russia,
TV Center, RIA-News, Radio Mayak, Fuji, TV-Asahi, Xinhua, Associated
Press, CTC, CBS, TV-Fox, BBC and others) were answered by Dennis Tito,
Talgat Musabaev, Yuri Baturin, as well as by Yuri Usachev, the cosmonaut
who is a member of the Expedition Two crew (ISS-2).

The questions mostly concerned the special features of the first visiting
mission and Dennis Tito’s impressions of this mission, including the
prospects of space tourism, the activities that D.Tito performs, assessment
of his activities by other cosmonauts of the visiting crew, relationships
with the ISS-2 crew.

The conference was held during two communications sessions within the
radio coverage zone of the Russian ground measuring stations.

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