President Alain Bensoussan from Centre National D’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), accompanied by Mr. Serge Plattard, Director of International Relations, CNES, Mr. Bernard Luciani, Senior Advisor to the President, CNES, Mr. Eric Erf-Meyer, International Relations, CNES and Mr. Michel Israel, Science Counselor from the French Embassy, visited ISAS on October 13th.

Dr. Matsuo, Director-General ISAS and Prof. Tsuruta, Director of Office of Project Coordination, ISAS and others were there to welcome them. Following a brief introduction of each other’s activities, we walked them through the Entrance Hall, the Flight Environment Test Building, the Structure and Mechanics Test Building, YOHKOH Data Analysis Room, and the Ion-Engine.

They were particularly interested in the Ion Engine, and were keen to ask questions to Associate Professor Kuninaka about its planned use in MUSES-C.