SpaceX’s Starlink broadband to be available in Japan’s remote areas next year
Op-ed | Japan’s Space Journey: From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Moon
Japan eyes ‘Asia’s hub in space business’ with more spaceports
Iceye establishes office to serve Japanese market
Japan passes space resources law
Axelspace raises $24 million in Series C round
Japan budgets a record $4.14 billion for space activities
Hayabusa2 delivers asteroid samples to Earth after six-year voyage
Japan launches JDRS-1 optical data relay satellite for military, civilian use
Astroscale raises $51 million in Series E, $191 million overall
Japan’s iQPS to update technology for future radar satellites
Spaceflight Industries completes rideshare divestiture
Infostellar, watching coronavirus, extends capital raising effort
Virgin Orbit selects Japanese airport as launch site
MHI pressing through pandemic toward late 2020 H3 rocket debut
Mitsubishi Electric, eyeing constellation market, to build demo smallsat for JAXA
Op-ed | Global government space budgets continues multiyear rebound
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries mulls upgraded H3 rocket variants for lunar missions
Japan to join Artemis program
Sky Perfect JSAT, challenged by TV business, hedges bets on HAPS, 5G, HTS and smallsats

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