SAN FRANCISCO – Geospatial intelligence company Orbital Insight announced plans April 25 to bring high-resolution imagery from Argentine Earth observation firm Satellogic into its geospatial intelligence platform.

Through the partnership, Satellogic will feed high-resolution satellite imagery and full-motion video into Orbital Insight’s platform, providing Orbital Insight customers with access to higher quality data, improved revisit rates and lower cost analytics.

For satellite imagery, “Satellogic’s business model of trying to lower those costs per square kilometer makes it much more attractive for not only partners like us, because we take in a lot of that data and process it and use AI to develop new types of insights, but for government and commercial customers,” Kevin O’Brien, Orbital Insight CEO, told SpaceNews. “I think that will open up the market.”

Not all customers can afford to spend $10 million to monitor power plants or to monitor their supply chain, O’Brien said.

“Satellogic helps lower the cost and get to more reasonable types of fees that they can charge to their customers,” O’Brien said. “That makes it easier for us to be able to work with both Satellogic as well as some of those customers down the food chain.”

Satellogic designs, manufactures and operates a fleet of 22 Earth 0bservation satellites in low earth orbit. The company, which began trading shares publicly early this year after completing a merger with a special purpose acquisition company, plans to launch as many as 12 additional satellites this year. By 2025, Satellogic intends to operate more than 200 satellites to provide daily global Earth imagery with frequent revisit rates.

Palo Alto, California-based Orbital Insight fuses different types of sensor data into its Go platform, including electro-optical, synthetic aperture radar and RF monitoring, to shed light on economic, societal and environmental activity. The company is well known for working with corporations like Unilever and Chevron in addition to government customers like the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

“Advanced geospatial analytics require access to high-resolution, high-frequency satellite imagery and simple tasking,” O’Brien said in a statement. “Satellogic is disrupting the industry with a cost-effective, vertically integrated business model. This approach aligns well with our philosophy of making geospatial intelligence efficient, intuitive and simple so that our customers can get timely insights, make critical decisions and respond faster.”

Emiliano Kargieman, Satellogic CEO and co-founder, said in a statement, “Our mission is to enable greater access to critical Earth Observation data. Working with Orbital Insight extends our reach, making our data available to more customers across diverse fields who need to know how the world around them is changing.”

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