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Webinar Replay | OneWeb’s Bankruptcy: Impacts and Implications for the Satellite Industry

OneWeb, the megaconstellation startup that aimed to deploy 650 LEO satellites to provide global broadband service, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy March 27 with just 74 satellites in orbit.

  • Why did OneWeb fail?
  • What’s likely to become of its assets?
  • Who is positioned to benefit from OneWeb’s bankruptcy? Who stands to lose?
  • Is the coronavirus pandemic really to blame for the company’s inability to stave off bankruptcy?
  • Are there other parts of the industry vulnerable to the pandemic?

SpaceNews Editor-in-Chief Brian Berger and SpaceNews Staff Writer Caleb Henry were joined by a panel of space industry analysts to explore these questions and more during a live webinar recorded April 7.

Our panelists

Chris Quilty
Founder and Partner, Quilty Analytics

Claude Rousseau
Research Director,  Northern Sky Research

Janice Starzyk
Vice President of Commercial Space, Bryce Space & Technology