OneWeb, the megaconstellation startup that aimed to deploy 650 LEO satellites to provide global broadband service, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy March 27 with just 74 satellites in orbit.

  • Why did OneWeb fail?
  • What’s likely to become of its assets?
  • Who is positioned to benefit from OneWeb’s bankruptcy? Who stands to lose?
  • Is the coronavirus pandemic really to blame for the company’s inability to stave off bankruptcy?
  • Are there other parts of the industry vulnerable to the pandemic?

SpaceNews Editor-in-Chief Brian Berger and SpaceNews Staff Writer Caleb Henry were joined by a panel of space industry analysts to explore these questions and more during a live webinar recorded April 7.

Our panelists

Chris Quilty
Founder and Partner, Quilty Analytics

Claude Rousseau
Research Director,  Northern Sky Research

Janice Starzyk
Vice President of Commercial Space, Bryce Space & Technology