Intelsat, in cooperation with BT and Japan Telecom, today announced that
NHK, the Japanese broadcaster, has chosen the power and coverage of Intelsat
for transmitting the first full-time satellite HDTV contribution link from
Europe to Japan. The service, scheduled to start in October on the Intelsat
902 satellite at 62°E, will initially include European uplink sites in
London and Paris, transmitting to Tokyo.

“This path from Europe to Japan is a significant link in our HDTV platform,”
stated Akio Sano, NHK’s Chief Producer, News Department. “The Intelsat 902
satellite provided the coverage and power that we required for this HDTV
application, and we were very satisfied with the high level of customer
support we received from all parties, particularly in assisting us with
developing the transmission plan for this service,” he added.

NHK broadcasts an HDTV channel 24 hours a day. Japanese TV manufacturers
estimate that NHK and commercial broadcasters currently serve a digital
satellite TV (7 HDTV channels and 3 SDTV channels) audience of 1,620,000
households. NHK projects that they will be serving 10,000,000 HDTV
households within three years.

The Intelsat 902 satellite is scheduled for launch in August. This satellite
is one of ten spacecraft that Intelsat is planning to launch over the next
two years. These ten satellites include seven of the Intelsat IX generation,
two Intelsat Xs and the APR-3 satellite that will serve the Asia-Pacific
region. The launch of these satellites will allow Intelsat to create five
new orbital roles.

Harry Mahon, Intelsat Group Director for Worldwide Video Services, speaking
at the National Association of Broadcasters conference held here this week,
commented, “We consider this a very important new service. NHK is a premier
broadcaster, and we are pleased that we were able to satisfy their
requirements. This new link also demonstrates the successful collaboration
between Intelsat, our traditional service providers and the broadcaster

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