New NASDA ISS Astronauts
Satosihi Furukawa and Akihiko Hoshihide Born

Two astronaut candidates of the National Space Development Agency of
Japan (NASDA), Satoshi Furukawa and Akihiko Hoshide, completed the
training and have been qualified as ISS astronauts. NASDA has been
conducted Basic Training for astronaut candidates for the International
Space Station (ISS) since April, 1999.

Furukawa and Hoshide will participate in the subsequent overall ISS
training (Advanced Training), which will be conducted in Japan and
countries participating in the ISS program. They will also support
development of Japanese Experiment Module (Kibo). After they are
assigned ISS flight, they will receive the training of individual
crewmembers’ roles for their own specific tasks during the mission
(Increment-Specific Training) and prepare for the flight.

Basic Training is based on an international guidelines specified by the
space agencies (Japan, the US, Canada European countries, and Russia).
The guidelines are covering the necessary ISS training fundamental
contents, such as scientific and engineering knowledge, techniques,
language skills, physical conditioning and mental attitude. Furukawa and
Hoshide are the first astronauts to have completed Basic Training by
Japan and be qualified as astronauts.


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