Arianespace has announced that the Ariane-5 launch, with SMART-1 and two
commercial satellites on board, is postponed. A new launch date is expected to
be announced soon.

ESA officials stated that the Ariane-5 launcher and the SMART-1 spacecraft are
in perfect shape, ready for the new launch date.

ESA’s SMART-1 spacecraft, Europe’s first probe to the Moon, will take around 16
months to reach its destination where it is expected to carry out a number of
unprecedented studies of the Moon, and demonstrate innovate and key technologies
for future deep space science missions.

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August, 2003, Kourou — SMART-1 is ready to fly following hyrazine loading and
final tests. The spacecraft is now mated to its launch adapter and ready to be
moved to the assembly building where it will join the other cargo being
launched. Credits: ESA