Edouard Perez named Senior Vice President – Engineering

Following the retirement of Daniel Mugnier, Edouard Perez has been named
Senior Vice President – Engineering. He will oversee the quality of the
Ariane launch system to ensure reliability, availability and
competitiveness. He also represents general management in all situations
requiring Arianespace to make technical decisions.

Edouard Perez, 52, a graduate of INSA, joined Arianespace in 1980 as head of
cryogenic propulsion in the Production Division. In 1987, he was appointed
manager of the Ariane 3 and 4 complementary development program for CNES and
Arianespace, as well as head of development for Ariane 4’s H10 Plus and
H10-III third stages. He was named Vice President, production in 1995.

David Quancard named Vice President, Production Division

David Quancard will oversee the activities of the Arianespace Production
Division. He takes over at a moment when cost reduction is a prime

David Quancard, 40, is a graduate of Polytechnique and ENSTA. He spent much
of his career at SNPE, starting in 1985 as deputy director of the Ariane 5
MPS solid rocket motor program. In 1987, he was named manager of the Guiana
Propellant Plant construction program in Kourou, French Guiana. He was named
quality manager of Regulus SA (a 60/40 joint subsidiary of FiatAvio and
SNPE) in 1990, then Vice President, production and engineering in 1993. In
1995 he was named deputy director, then director of commerce and programs at
SNPE’s Propulsion Division.

David Quancard joined Arianespace in 1999 as deputy director, production.