This afternoon S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia was visited
by a delegation of NASA representatives headed by General Kostelnik, Deputy
Assistant of NASA Administrator for the International Space Station (ISS)
recently appointed to this post.

The objective of the visit is to have a meeting with the Corporation
management and become familiar with the areas of Corporation activities,
including the ISS Program and other space projects.

The delegation was met by Yu.P. Semenov, President, General Designer of S.P.
Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Academician of RAS.

General Kostelnik and his attendants, including Mike O’Brien (Deputy
Assistant of NASA Administrator for International Relations), Frank Buzzard
(ISS Chief Engineer), William Barry (International Programs Specialist),
Robert Cabana (Head of Piloted Space Programs, NASA representative in
Russia) and others became familiar with the history of Corporation,
production facilities and work progress, visited RSC Enegia Check and Test
Facility (CTF), where the final assembly and integrated tests of the manned
and logistics vehicles, on-orbit station modules (currently the ISS Russian
Segment modules, DM- and DM-SL-type Upper Stages, and Yamal communication
satellites are performed.

With a keen interest they looked over the
Corporation-developed space technology products located in CTF main hall,
the exhibition of social amenities products opened therein, visited the
Soyuz manned spacecraft assembly shop, Corporation memorial square, had
their photos taken at the monument to S.P. Korolev, founder of the Russian
practical cosmonautics, Academician.

The delegation also went round the
museum and had a look at great number of unique historical exhibits,
including flown manned spacecraft, real models of the first artificial Earth
satellites, automatic interplanetary stations, Salyut Orbital Station,
Soyuz-Apollo Orbital complex, mockups of ballistic missiles and launch
vehicles developed by the Corporation personnel, items of S.P. Korolev’s

The delegation stayed at the company for three hours.