When did you look up night sky recently? Nowadays, people’s
lifestylesare estranged from the dark night sky, and stars have
begun to recede from their memory. Therefore, in order that
everyone should see movies of the starry night via the internet, we
have constructed the web site,

Real?Universe Homepage

In this web site you may see some movies of the Milky Way
taken at a local observatory, night skies of an urban area,
the countless stars seen in the southern hemisphere, and so
on. Aspects of one night are seen in about one minute, so,
from these short movies, you may recognize a diurnal motion
of stars easily. You also find movies about the motions of a planet
and a comet.

Each feels his own enjoyment of these movies. Just seeing
movies about stars with the Milky Way or shooting stars and
having a new understanding of beauty of them. Finding a
difference of appearance between each image that caused by
location of observation point or terrestrial latitude. For
people who are not satisfied with seeing only and want to
take movies by yourself, tips of how to make such movies are
also presented.

For the purpose of making everyone become familiar the with
starry sky, this web site is constracted.
Please visit and enjoy our contents!

The web site is operated by a working group named
“Real?Universe”. This group consists of astronomical
investigators, school teachers, staffs of public observatory,
and others. For the purpose described above we made
collaborations crossing a filed of study.

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