The Department of National Defence is engaging suppliers for the Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue (MEOSAR) Ground Segment Phase II in order to develop the Statement of Work, Specification, Evaluation Criteria for the requirement. Also, to obtain pricing information for the corresponding requirement including in-service support for the first 5 years.


Canada is a pioneer in satellite-aided search and rescue and has played a leadership role in creating a global system based on satellite beacons. Canada, together with Russia, France and the United States has contributed to the COSPAS-SARSAT (C/S) system.

MEOSAR is the next generation satellite system which aims to replace the current Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system. It will provide additional coverage and a more accurate detection and location capability for the Search and Rescue teams. As part of the Space Segment, Canada will provide 24 MEOSAR repeaters to be integrated into the United States Global Positioning System III. The Ground Segment consists of satellite ground terminals known in the C/S context as Local User Terminals (LUTS), which track the MEOSAR satellites, and receive and process the transmissions of the distress radio beacons as relayed by those satellites.

Further background Information Please see the attached Requrest For Information document attached.

The Requirement

Please refer to the RFI document attached to this procurement.

– Tender Information: MEOSAR Ground Segment RFI (W8474-16ME03/A)