Khimky, OAO NPO Energomash

Today a meeting has taken place between B.V.Gromov, Governor of Moscow
Region, Yu.N. Koptev, General Director of Rosaviakosmos and managers
of Russian prime enterprises in rocket and space industry, representatives
of Administration of Korolev and Khimky Area of Moscow Region.
The meeting was attended by:

  • E.I Shaposhnikov, Assistant to President of Russian Federation;
  • Yu.P.Semenov, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences,
    General Designer of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia;
  • B.I. Katorgin, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences,

    General Director and General Designer of V.P.Glushko NPO Energomash;
  • N.A. Anfimov, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of
  • K.P.Denisov, First Deputy General Director of NII KhIMMASH;
  • A. F. Morozenko, Head of Korolev Administration
  • N.V.Ivanov, Deputy Head of Khimky Area
  • and other managers of industry enterprises.

Agreement on Co-operation between Moscow Region Government and Russian
Aviation-Space Agency was signed by the meeting results. After its signing
the meeting participants have given an interview to journalists.