MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
(TSE: MDA), has won a contract from NASA for $l1.5 million (CDN) to provide a
system that allows astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) to
safely install external payloads.

Using a combination of precision cameras and targets, the Berthing Cue
System will enable operators to move payloads along a trajectory that’s within
berthing range for accurate placement on the Station.

Peter Stibrany, Vice President of Business Development at MDA subsidiary
MD Robotics, said: “Vision systems are essential for future Space Station
operations. We now have a tremendous opportunity to expand into other vision
areas, utilizing the flight heritage this camera will give us. In fact, we’ve
baselined it for use on our next generation robotics, the Special Purpose
Dexterous Manipulator, which will fly in 2004.”

MDA is teaming with Lockheed Martin Space Operations of Houston, Texas on
this project. Together, the two companies offer extensive experience in the
development, certification and integration of hardware and operations of
numerous types of robotic and visual cue systems for the Space Shuttle and ISS

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