Brampton, Ontario – MD Robotics, a subsidiary of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSE: MDA), has initiated a Robotics Development Program for planetary exploration, in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency.
The first phase of the program is a $2.5 million co-funded initiative.

The goal of the Robotics Development Program is to provide Canadian robotics on every applicable exploration mission to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. MD Robotics, part of the MDA Information Systems Group, has been tasked with the development of a low-mass, low-power, and low-cost manipulator capable of operating in these extremely harsh environments.

“We’re extremely excited to be involved in the development of planetary exploration robotics,” said Daniel Friedmann, MDA President and CEO, “We commend the government for its continuing commitment to Canada’s pioneering efforts in space. These investments will also open up growing opportunities in commercial markets requiring this advanced technology.”

The Honourable Brian Tobin, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for the Canadian Space Agency, said today: “Investment in cutting edge technology development reinforces Canada’s leadership and innovation in space robotics, and supports our potential participation in future space exploration missions.”

The advanced technologies developed through this program will also have direct application to commercial endeavours, such as satellite servicing and launch vehicles. Robots will be the early explorers and builders, developing the infrastructure for future manned exploration missions.

MD Robotics is the world’s leading space robotics company, committed to offering hi-tech, sophisticated robotic and engineering solutions for space and terrestrial applications.

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