MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates has delivered mission critical software to the International Space
Station. Launched onboard STS-98 on February 7th, the sophisticated software
will await the arrival of the MDA Robotic Workstation scheduled to be launched
March 8th.

With these elements in place, the International Space Station (ISS) will
be equipped for the arrival and installation, in April, of the new generation
robotic arm, the Space Station Remote Manipulator System, also built by MD
Robotics, a subsidiary of MDA.

Chris Woodland, director of the Mobile Servicing System program for MD
Robotics, said, “The Canadarm has long been the workhorse of the Space Shuttle
missions. Now, a new century will see a new technological marvel in space,
again wearing the Canadian flag with pride. Thousands of Canadians from coast
to coast are responsible for developing this unprecedented technology.”

As the design authority, MD Robotics in Brampton Ontario, together with a
team of software engineers and integrators from MDA in British Columbia, and
EMS Technologies in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, developed the complex software to
meet the stringent requirements of the Canadian Space Agency and NASA for the
ISS and manned space flight. This highly complex and seamless software will
control the speed, force, and movement of the robotic systems, including
nearly 300 mission-specific files that can be reconfigured to achieve mission
objectives while ensuring astronaut safety and successful deployment of
robotic systems.

Mag Iskander, Vice President and General Manager of MD Robotics
commented, “A new generation of Canadian robotic technology is going into
space during the next few years. MDA will play a critical ongoing role in the
sustaining engineering of these systems and software enhancements, which will
produce a strong revenue stream for many years.”

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