BRAMPTON, ON, April 29, 2001 — The Canadarm2 has been successfully
delivered and installed on the International Space Station (ISS).
MD Robotics, a subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler (TSE:MDA), developed
Canadarm2 for the Canadian Space Agency. The innovative design and
revolutionary capability of the new arm is essential to the further
construction and maintenance of the International Space Station (ISS).

The installation of the Canadarm2 on the ISS was skillfully accomplished
last Sunday, April 22 with the able assistance of two other notable
Canadians, Astronaut Chris Hadfield and the original Canadarm.

Then on Saturday, April 28, after a few days delay due to computer
problems on board the Space Station, the shuttle and station crews
successfully completed the first dual robotic arm operation ever
conducted in space. Using the new Canadarm2, they transferred the
pallet on which it was launched over to the original Canadarm for
return to Endeavour’s payload bay.

“It’s a big relief for us,” said MD Robotics VP and General Manager Mag
Iskander, “we’re extremely proud of the team that worked with us. This
is a huge accomplishment.”

Canadarm2 is the first of three Mobile Servicing System components
developed by MD Robotics. The second component scheduled to be launched
in 2002 is the Mobile Base System followed by the Special Purpose
Dexterous Manipulator, a new dual armed robot, in 2004.

MD Robotics, a subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler, is the world’s leading
space robotics company, committed to offering hi-tech, sophisticated
robotic and engineering solutions for space and terrestrial applications.

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