MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. announced today the company has been awarded a $12 million (CDN)
contract by the Canadian Space Agency for continued support of the Canadian-
built robotics on the International Space Station.

The contract increases the engineering services currently being provided
to the Space Station’s Mobile Servicing System (MSS) to include spares, repair
and overhaul support, and remaining activities related to the completion of
the MSS development program.

The Minister of Industry, (and the Minister Responsible for the Canadian
Space Agency), the Honourable Brian Tobin said: “The contract awarded today
supports Canada’s contribution, Canadarm2, and the use of Canadian robotics
engineering expertise to assure the maintenance of Canada’s long-term
investment in the International Space Station, the largest engineering project
in human history.”

Mag Iskander, Vice President and General Manager of MDA’s MD Robotics
said: “We’re extremely pleased to sign the MSS contract. These engineering
services are vital for maintaining such important Canadian assets on-orbit.
This announcement also helps reinforce MDA as the world leader in space
robotics, and positions us for new opportunities in on-orbit servicing of
satellites, and future planetary exploration.”

Canadarm2, the first component of the MSS, was successfully launched in
April of this year. The next component, the Mobile Base System, is at the
Kennedy Space Center now, awaiting launch next spring. The final component, a
new two-armed robot called the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator, is
scheduled for launch in 2004.

MD Robotics, a subsidiary of MDA, is the world’s leading space robotics
company, committed to offering hi-tech, sophisticated robotic and engineering
solutions for space and terrestrial applications.

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