Brampton, Ont. – MD Robotics, a subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (TSE: MDA), has successfully completed development and flight testing of a highly integrated video camera for space applications. This advanced camera technology was developed to address the unique environmental challenges and technical requirements of space that existing products could not satisfy.

Through a repayable Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) investment, MD Robotics was able to undertake the R&D necessary to develop this 100% Canadian product.

Developed for use on our new dual-armed robot for the International Space Station (ISS), the camera provides superior features and benefits to the space community. It’s half the weight, half the size, and uses one third less power. The MD Robotics camera can be used for a wide variety of space-bound applications, from the ISS to satellite rescue and earth observation.

Mag Iskander, vice president and general manager of MD Robotics said, “This latest achievement reinforces MD Robotics’ ability to define technology and develop products to meet specialized requirements. This product will form a new line for us with potential in many areas.”

MD Robotics is the world’s leading space robotics company committed to offering hi-tech, sophisticated robotic and engineering solutions for space and terrestrial applications.

TPC is a technology investment fund established in 1996 to contribute to the achievement of Canada’s objectives of increasing economic growth, creating jobs and wealth, and supporting sustainable development. TPC supports and advances government initiatives by investing strategically in research, development and innovation in order to encourage private sector investment, and so maintain and grow the technology base and technological capabilities of Canadian industry. TPC also encourages the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in all regions of Canada.

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