Made In Space is working with Northrop Grumman and Oceaneering space Systems as subcontractors to develop the Archinaut in-space manufacturing capabilities. Credit: Made In Space

SAN FRANCISCO – Made In Space is moving its corporate headquarters from Mountain View, California, to Jacksonville, Florida.

The company founded in Mountain View in 2010 established a presence in Jacksonville in 2015 and a partnership with Space Florida in 2017. Since then, Space Florida has provided financing to help the commercial space startup expand operations in the Sunshine State.

“With this move they are investing nearly $3 million,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during a Jan. 17 press conference at the firms new headquarters. “Their footprint has increased from a two-room facility to this 19,000 square foot facility.”

Made In Space’s Jacksonville campus includes facilities for manufacturing, integrating, testing and controlling spacecraft as well as in-space manufacturing equipment. It also brings the firm’s administrative, engineering, operations and production teams for major programs under one roof.

“Florida is in the midst of a great renaissance with respect to space,” DeSantis said. Made In Space is a great example of the private sector’s role in the rennaissance, he added.

“Relocating our headquarters to Jacksonville is a strategic step to position the company for long-term growth,” Andrew Rush, Made In Space president and CEO, said in a statement. “By expanding our presence in Florida, we can leverage a skilled aerospace workforce, large scale infrastructure to support our growth, and key strategic partners like Space Florida that will accelerate our momentum as we continue to develop world-class space technology.”

Made In Space will maintain a presence in Silicon Valley to support additional technology programs and strategic relationships with industry partners, Trey Clinton, Made In Space spokesman, said by email.

Made In Space has not determined how many jobs will move from California to Florida. Employees affected by the move will be offered positions in Florida, he added.

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