Richmond, B.C. —MacDonald Dettwiler announced today its subsidiary, MD Robotics, located in
Brampton, Ontario, has entered into a three year contract valued at $72 million with the Canadian
Space Agency to support the Mobile Servicing System, Canada’s contribution to the International
Space Station (ISS).

The Mobile Servicing System (MSS) is a sophisticated robotic system critical to the assembly,
maintenance and servicing of the ISS itself. The MSS is comprised of three components including the
Space Remote Manipulator System, the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator, and the Mobile
Base System. This combination represents some of the most advanced robotics in the world.
“We will continue to provide CSA with the highest level of service to support the Mobile Servicing
System during ground processing, launch and on-orbit operations,” said Chris Woodland, director
Mobile Servicing System program. “This project will ensure Canada maintains its expertise and
leadership role in advanced robotics.”

Mag Iskander, vice president and general manager of MD Robotics added, “MD Robotics’ commitment
and experience in sustaining engineering and on-orbit services is well established with more than 20
years of continued support to NASA on the Canadarm program. This new contract gives us the
opportunity to expand this core business.”

Canadian robotics will be utilized on virtually all of the 40-plus shuttle flights that will deliver nearly one
million pounds of structures and equipment required to construct the station. When the 356 ft. by 290
ft. world-class orbiting laboratory is completed, the Mobile Servicing System, including the Special
Purpose Dexterous Manipulator assembly currently being developed by MD Robotics, will continue to
service and maintain the station 220 miles above earth for the next 15-20 years. Through its
performance on this contract, MD Robotics anticipates earning a continuing key role in providing
sustaining engineering throughout the life of the station.

About MacDonald Dettwiler
MacDonald Dettwiler is an information company that provides essential information from anywhere in
the world for decision making in the workplace. The Company operates its business through two
principal groups: the Information Products Group and the Information Systems Group. The Information
Products Group delivers essential land information products and services in three categories including:
Legal Information, Asset Information, and Geographical Information.

The Information Systems Group provides mission critical information systems to three major
applications: Monitoring Activities on the Planet, Managing Mobile Assets, and Enabling the Mobile
workforce. MacDonald Dettwiler employs 1700 people around the world through a network of offices,
subsidiaries, and distributors.

About MD Robotics
MD Robotics, subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler, is Canada’s leading space robotics company
committed to offering hi-tech, sophisticated robotic and engineering solutions for space and terrestrial

About The International Space Station (ISS)
The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest and most ambitious space program since the
Apollo moon landings and the largest scientific joint effort among nations in history. The International
Space Station partners a global team led by NASA. Countries participating in the program include the
United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Brazil and a consortium of European communities under the
flag of the European Space Agency. Each of the international partners is providing key elements to the
program. The first components of the station were placed in orbit in late 1998.

The space station will provide unique laboratories to conduct research in fields such as astronomy, life
sciences and materials, as well as locations to assemble satellites and space platforms too large and
fragile to launch directly from Earth. The advanced technologies being used to construct the station
will find applications in many industries on earth