Loral Space & Communications Ltd. (NYSE: LOR) provided the following comments and information concerning the actions that were announced today by Globalstar, its mobile satellite telephone affiliate.
Bernard L. Schwartz, chairman and CEO of Loral, stated, "The Globalstar system delivers highly valuable services, and Globalstar’s actions will provide it with the additional time it needs to expand its customer base, develop new applications and demonstrate its viability. Further, Globalstar’s service provider partners have reaffirmed their confidence in Globalstar’s business and technology, as well as their commitment to maintain and expand operations in their own territories."
The actions that Globalstar announced today relieve its partners, including Loral, of any necessity to provide additional funding to Globalstar this year. Loral will continue to support its joint participation in service provider franchises in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Russia.
"Consistent with our November guidance," Mr. Schwartz continued, "Loral ended 2000 with cash and available credit in excess of $440 million. Although Globalstar’s actions will reduce Loral’s 2001 cash receipts from Globalstar by $140 million, we will continue our current investment programs, including funding the construction of three satellites due to be launched in 2002."
Loral intends to write down its Globalstar investment, including common and preferred equity, and debt, reducing it to an appropriate value in a one-time non-cash charge in the fourth quarter of 2000.
As of December 31, 2000, Loral’s direct and indirect investment in connection with Globalstar’s activities totaled about $1.3 billion, which includes about 39 percent of Globalstar’s equity and about 27 percent of its debt.
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Jeanette Clonan