DARPA is studying whether a communications satellite with a robotic arm can put an antenna in place.  In this artist's rendering, the robotic arm is highlighted in green.  Credit: SSL.
Credit: SpaceNews, Lance Marburger
SpaceX Falcon 9 payload fairing in test chamber. Credit: SpaceX.
Twenty-six commercial satellites open to competitive bidding and intended for geostationary orbit were ordered in 2014, up from 23 the previous year. Credit: SpaceNews
Echostar 17
Mark Dankberg. Credit: SpaceNews/JohnnyBivera
Echostar 17
Jupiter 1/EchoStar 17. Credit: SSL

Space Systems/Loral Inks Contract for Intelsat 36 Satellite


SS/L will build the Intelsat 36 satellite for launch over the Indian Ocean region in late 2016.

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Mark Dankberg

Commentary | Looking Back at Loral’s Battles


The following is edited for length and excerpted from “Just Say Yes,” an autobiography.

Commercial Loral

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